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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Traveling Husband Sobbing From Wife's Prayer

An Husband tells his wife that he is traveling because is intend to attend a 3 day church conference. So as a good wife is expected to do, the wife help her husband prepare for the trip. On the day of the man leaving, after a well prepared breakfast which the husband enjoyed eating, the wife say to him: " Darling, let us pray together before you leave"

The husband agrees and allows the wife is to lead the pray. So the wife start.

Wife: "Oh Lord! Grant my husband traveling mercies."

Husband: "Amen!"

Wife: "Oh Lord! Let my husband's mind not waver. Let him become impotent if he commits adultery."

Husband keep silent.

Wife continues: "Oh Lord! If he commits any adulterous act, let him not come home alive."

Husband remain silent and then opens his eye, and start sobbing.

Wife (sensing what is going on) continues: "Oh Lord! If he cheats on his wife, kill..."

Husband (interrupting the prayer shouted): "Oh Shut Up! I am no longer going! The holy spirit just told me that the meeting is cancelled!"

"The meeting is cancelled!" in deed.

What do you think?

Team Pinfoltd
 Source: A post from Adebayo Saheed O. in a WhatsApp group



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