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Monday, August 15, 2016

What Does It Mean To Boot Windows Into Safe Mode

Safe mode is a tool in Windows operating system (OS) used to find the root of a problem and possibly solve it. For example, if you are have some issues whit your PC and then you boot Windows into Safe Mode, If that problem does not happen in safe mode, then you should know that the default settings and the basic device drivers of your computer are not the cause of the problem.

But note that this means that when you boot Windows into Safe Mode, then Windows will load in it's default states and many other feature in your computer will not work, just like audio and networking will be disabled -though this depend on the version of Safe Mode you boot Windows into.

The Main Point
Booting Windows into Safe Mode typically means telling Windows to limited the changes you have made to the computer to the minimal extent possible and to provide you access to utility and diagnostic programs/tools you can use to troubleshoot what is preventing your PC from working normally and properly and to fix it.

There are basically two version of Safe Mode you can boot Windows into. These are Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking. And the only difference between these two is that when you boot Windows into Safe Mode with Networking, it will enable the network drivers in your PC thereby making you have access to the internet and other local network, but using just Safe Mode will not.

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