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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Some Fact In The Bible's Creation Account Which Proves That The Creative Day Cannot Be 24Hours Long

Many Creationist believe and strongly defend their belief that the earth's content (that is every natural thing in the earth) was created in six 24 hour day period. And because of this, many Atheist and Scientist view them as unreasonable people. And the interesting thing about this believe of Creationist is that they say that their believe is based on the Bible. But does the Bible really support creationist in this their believe? Let us considered to fact that the Bible's creative account reveal.

FACT ONE: God (the Creator) Have Been Counting Days Before The Sun And The Moon Was Created.
Does this sound new to you? Probably. But it is the truth. From the Bible creative account found at Genesis 1:14-19, the Sun and the Moon and Star which we use in calculating our day was created in the fourth day of creation. This implies that the duration of the creative days is not determined by the Sun, Moon and Stars, since there have been days before then.

FACT TWO: What Took Place In The Six Creative Day Cannot Happen In 24Hours
According to Genesis 1:24-31 all moving animals including humans were created in the sixth creative day. A noteworthy thing is the fact found in verse 27 of Genesis chapter 1, which help us to see that, the MAN and the WOMAN were created in that same sixth day.

Now let us analyze it. Remember all of this happen in the sixth creative day. Genesis chapter 2 gives us an overview of what took place in the sixth day.

  1. Remember from Genesis 1:24, moving animals were created before human.
  2. When creating humans, Man was created first.
  3. The man was settled in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:15
    The word Settled carries a sense of comfortableness, or to be at ease. You will agree with us that a strange might not be at easy in a new community in it's first day there. 
  4. He was given the work to name all the animal that have been created.
    On that same six day, he named all the animals that were created. All the animals include, all the ones known to humans now, all the ones that have been in extinct and all the animals that did not survive the flood of Noah.
Now lets bring this fact home.
If you were told to give an image (a picture with no write ups) a caption, how long will it take you.
Now think of Adam, naming all the animal that have been created
  • Pigeons and their species
  • Dogs and their species
  • Got and their species
  • Ants and their species.
all in 24 hours. Is this thought realistic?

It does not sound realistic to us. What about you?

We are not against religion, But we do not think that religion who teaches that the duration of the 6 creative day is 24 hours long is teaching the right thing.

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