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Monday, August 1, 2016

Server _ What Is It?

We are definitely sure that you have heard the word Server before. Probably web server, print server, file server, and the one popular with internet cafe attendant internet server. What really is server? Will you believe us if we are to tell you that you are using a server right now? Let explain why we say so.

A Server is a computer. That is it. A special type of computer? Not necessarily.
Let us put is straight to you now. A computer that servers as a host for other computer is what is referred to server. 
For example, if you were to unable file sharing in your computer, which means that other computer can copy file from and to your machine, then you computer is a server. A file server specifically. But probably not a good file server. Why did we say such?

Let suppose now that you have enable file sharing on your computer, making it a server, if hundred or even thousand of other user in the network try to access file from your machine at the same time, how fast do you think the will? So for your machine to be a good file server, it needs to be optimized. Probably increasing it's disk space, processor speed, network connectivity speed and the like. But the fact still remains, when a computer becomes a host to another computer (no matter how many or little they are), then your computer is a server.

The Main Point
A Server is a computer the is optimized to perform a specific host operation. OR
A server is just a computer -any computer- which is selected and probably optimized to perform a specific task in service to others.

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