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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is It Possible To Get My Name, Title Or Other Information To Show At The Bottom Of Every E-Mail I Send?

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Depending on your e-mail client, or in other words, depending on your email service provider, the answer to the question that form the title of this article is YES. You can.

Many e-mail service provider, call this feature SIGNATURE.

Once you create a Signature with your e-mail SP, they will automatically add it to every e-mail you send.

The Signature can be, either a digital signature of yours that you scan and upload, or any text of your choice you wish, which maybe your name, title or other information. The image above is an example of how an e-mail Signature can look like.

We have not yet publish any tutor explaining how to create Signature for any e-mail SP yet, so if you will like to create one we recommend you to contact your e-mail service provider for guidance.

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