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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Read A Message/Chat In WhatsApp Or Messenger Without The Sender Being Notified That You Have

In WhatsApp you will notice that a double blue tick appears next to a message/chat you send. This is the way WhatsApp uses to notify a sender of a message that their message have been read by the recipient. Facebook Messenger does the a similar thing also. But theirs is not a blue double tick, but a little button titled Seen or a small rounded box of the recipient profile picture appearing next to the message. But do you Know?...

If you are a recipient, you can read a message without WhatsApp or Messenger telling the sender you have. There are basically two ways to do this trick.

The first and probably the most convenient way is for you to read the chat through the notification bar of your smartphone. Here is the fact.
WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger will only notify the sender of the message that you have read it only if you go into the app to read it. So if you read the message from the notification bar without you opening the app, the sender of the message will not get notified.

When you have receive a notification that you have a new message, disconnect your smartphone for the internet by turning off your mobile data or WiFi, then you can open the app and read the message. The Fact.
WhatsApp or Messenger sever will only get notified that you have read a message you receive when you internet connection is up and running. So when you have disconnected your device, WhatsApp or Messenger sever will not know if you have read the message, thus they cannot a sender that you have read the message since they themselves do not know.

Cool right?...

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