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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Does Mark Zuckerberg Have A Facebook Account/Profile?

Technically, it will make no sense for the owner or founder of a service/product not to use that service. So logically speaking, the answer to the question "does Mark Zuckerberg have a Facebook account/profile" is YES!. And that is a fact. Because you can easily find account using the search feature of Facebook or using this link.

So the question to us should not be if Mark have a personal account Facebook, but should be, how often he use it, or how often he post on it?

Regarding this question, we will say that he uses Facebook very well. Not that he makes post every minutes of the day, but when he does have something nice to share, he turn to the social service he is a co-founder of -Facebook. So he does have a Facebook account, and he does use it as at when necessary.

So we should not be too critical saying that " his last post was some weeks ago" even if it is months ago, we should remember that he is the CEO of Facebook, Inc. and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. And that requires work on his part. So him still trying to make out time to be social on Facebook really show how much he love using the service he founded -Facebook.

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