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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Do USB Thumb-drive Get Worn Out?

We are no manufacturer of any USB thumb-drive, so we cannot say for certain how long a USB thumb-drive lifespan is. But what we do know, and will like to share with you is that fact, USB Thumb-Drive cannot live forever, no matter how careful you handle them, they will one day worn out. This is what we mean.

The memory chip which a thumb-drive uses is referred to as "Flash". This implies that in order to write to it, the memory is loaded, and then a signal is sent to the memory circuitry that says “remember this”. It is quite similar to the flash of a camera, where the camera lens can look endlessly at an object but will not save it, so before it capture and save any object, it will have to trigger the flash functionality.

Thus after the memory have been Flashed, power can be removed completely and the memory will still retain what was written to it. The point is, there is limited to the amount of times a memory can be flashed. And when that limited is approached, some portion of the memory will not properly remember what have been written to it.

Like we said at the on set, we are no manufacture, so we cannot say specifically how many times a memory can be flashed before it start loosing it's storage and retaining abilities, but this means that, the more you write to it, the more your chances of reaching that limit increases.

Thus, for make it last longer, it is recommended that you use it as a "Copy-to-and-copy-from" device, and not to work directly on it (that is, opening editable file on it, thereby making the changes to be flashed/written/saved to it often). You should also note that this "Flash memory" technology is also used on  SSDs. USB thumbdrives; CF, SD and microSD memory cards.

The Main Point
There is limited to the amount of time a flash memory chip can be flashed or written to.

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