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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AdFly - An Online Monetization Platform You Need To Consider

Have you heard about before? If you have not then this article will tell you about it. One thing you should know is that, is a url shorten service, who wants to pay you for using their service to shorten your URL. Here is how it work.

After you become their member (publisher) and then shorten a link with them, share the link any way you dim fit, but just get people to click on the shorten link. When they (people who will click on your shorten link) do, they will be shown a full page advertisement for 5 seconds before being able to click a Skip Ad button and continue to their intended destination (i.e. the landing page of the full URL which the shorten URL represent).

This means that, the more people click on your link, the more your income. And the good news is that, you do not even have to own a website to use there service. All you need a a working long URL. Whether it is yours or not, it does not matter, all that matters is get the URL, shorten it with, promote it to get other to click on it.

So if you are an affiliate market, or newbie to the online making opportunities, or even an experience blog owner who engage in promoting your blog through other platform and not rely only on the audience you get from search engines or from your newsletter, is a good online monetization platform you need to seriously give consideration. Because with you can monetize virtually anything, and there is no restriction as to where you can publish your shorten URL, and there is more. have a referral program which pay you 20% of the earning of all the publisher you refer and 5% of successful campaign run by an advertiser you refer for life. Do you understand, For Life.

More to that also, you can install the banner in your blog/website and earn from every 1,000 impression you get. is great indeed.

Click the Banner below or above to Join them or learn more. 
If have any further question, you can also ask us. We will be glad to help you out.

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