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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Will Google Recognise The 'nofollow' Keyword When It's Part Of A Space Separated List Of The 'rel' Attribute?

As you may already know, the popular nofollow is a value found in the rel attribute of the HTML anchor tag, and according HTML spec, the rel attribute can contain more than one value which nofollow happen of be just one among. So the question now is, if you are to use the nofollow value alongside other values in the rel attribute of the anchor tag, will Google still recognize it and not follow that link?

YES. Google will still do that. In fact, this is what they have to say regarding the topic "We'll practice the "be liberal in what you accept" philosophy, which means recognizing spaces, commas and, in fact, most punctuation. But we strongly recommend using spaces as separators to follow the specification. "

So you should not be afraid of using multiple values on the rel attribute alongside the nofollow value. But as their recommendation shows above, you should use spaces as your separators in stead of punctuation.

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