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Monday, July 18, 2016

Who Is A Moderator In A Facebook Group

Put simply, a Moderator is someone who an Admin of a Group in Facebook assign the privilege of helping out in taking care of the Group. And in order for them to fulfill this role of being the Group's caretaker, they are able to such functions like:

  •  If the Admin as also turned on members post review, then the Moderator can approve or deny a post made by members of the group.

  • The Moderator can also remove posts or comment made to post.

  • The Moderator has the ability to Remove and also block people from the Group to which he serves as a Moderator to.

  • Pin and Unpin post in the Group Feeds is also something a Moderator can do.
And much more, which being just a member to the Group cannot.

The Main Point
A Moderator in a Facebook Group can be liken to a caretaker of a building, though the individual is not the owner of the building (Facebook Group), the individual have the right and ability to perform almost all the function of the the owner of the building (Admin of Facebook Group) can perform.

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