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Thursday, July 28, 2016

What You Should Understand About The "Do Not Track" Feature Of Google Chrome Browser

If you are conversant with the options in the Google Chrome browser settings, then you probably be aware of the "Do Not Track" option in the setting. This option when turned on send a request to website you visit telling them that you do not wish for them (the website) to track or collect your browsing data. But the fact is

It is just a request sent to the website. This means that, the website might choose to ignore the request if they so desire and still collect your browsing data. So if your purpose of using the Do Not Track feature is so that you can stay anonymous online, then we strongly encourage you to discounting from that feature and turn to the Incognito Browsing offer by Chrome instead.

The Main Point
The "Do Not Track" Feature of the Google Chrome browser is just a request sent to website you visit that you wish for them not to collect your browsing data with them, it is then left to the website to either respect this request or not. 
Chrome will not force them to comply.

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