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Thursday, July 14, 2016

What You Should Understand About CPM, CPC and CPV As A Publisher Of An Ad Network

In the world of online advertising, there are many acronyms, and these can mean various things depending on the context there are being used in. but as of now, the most popular of them are CPM, CPC and CPV. The explanation below tells you what these term means, and why an advertiser will want to choose one of these ad pricing mode for the online advertising campaign. Let us start with CPM.

The word CPM is the abbreviation of Cost Per Mile or Cost Per 100 Impression. To an Advertiser, it refers to the amount they will have to pay when their advertisement gets 100 impressions. An advertiser will want to choose this ad pricing mode if the purpose for it’s advertising campaign is just to create or increase their brand awareness. For example, an advertiser who just want to make the public aware of when or the start date of their promo or who just want to keep or place their brand in the “Top of Mind” of the public will find CPM more favorable.

As a publisher, this ad pricing/billing mode is good and encourage if you have a good number of visitors/traffics, but those visitors then to spend more time in your site/blog. This is because, the longer they stay, the more ad impression you get, and the more revenue. But if you are running CPC, it means you will be getting more ad impression but less revenue since your site/blog visitor are more incline to click on internal links (links to other content of your site/blog) than external links (which include adverts).

CPC which mean Cost Per Click refers to what an advertiser will pay when a user click on their ad. As a publisher, this pricing mode will be more beneficial to you if you have a high ads click through rate. That is, if your site/blog visitor don’t spend to much time on your blog/site. But make sure that the reason why they are leaving is because they click on an ad, and not because they do not find your site/blog content helpful. Because if this is the case, then you will need a miracle convincing to revisit your blog or website.

CPV stands for Cost Per View. This type of pricing mode is only applicable to video ads, and as a publisher, if you do not provide video content, then CPV ad network will not be of much benefit to you. This because, your visitors will be more likely to ignore the ad since they know is not part of your content.

The Main Point
As a publisher, providing premium content might not be the very best option if you have not build a creditable profile. So a good way of generating income is through ad networks. But when choosing an ad network, be sure to know how best your visitors interact with your site. This will help you in choosing the best type of ad service and ad network provide.

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