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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What You Should Know About Ad-Blocking Browsers

True ad sometimes can be annoying, most especially when you are not surfing the web for fun but because you got a project you to accomplish, and the presence of ads alongside web content can be distracting. But before you go ahead to activate the ad blocking feature of a browser, please consider this.

What browser with ad-blocking feature actually does is not to block ads only, but to disable JavaScript completely. And because ads is mainly Java scripted, then it will not be showing up in the web content. This fact also implies that, ads might not, and in most cases is not the only thing that will be missing the web page.

For example, if you are to use a ad-blocking browser to read this article, you will not see any ads, true, but also, you will not see an option to translate this page, that is, the Site Language functionality will not work, because it depend on JavaScript.

The Main Point
Before you decide to use an ad-blocking feature of a browser, please make sure that the website/page you will be visiting has no content that depend on JavaScript, because if there is, then you will be missing out some important feature in the website, such site language, flash, alert or confirmation box, pop-up boxes that serves as footnotes or end notes etc.

So you need to be very cautious when using ad-blocking browsers so that you will not be missing out on important information on the website you visits.

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