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Friday, July 29, 2016

What Is The Nofollow tag

Professionally speaking, Nofollow is not a tag, rather it is one of the value of the rel attribute which is mostly affix to the anchor <a> tag of HTML.

In a bid to prevent Spammers from exploiting web public areas to pass their own website or blog search engine result ranking credit, Google, the now internet giant on the 18th of January 2005 introduced this rel value (nofollow) to the web.

The nofollow value popularly known as nofollow tag is not useful to browser but very useful to search engines. This is the reason why. When a search engine claw a web document (web page) and find out that there is a link in the current document to another web document (web page) the search engine will conclude that the current we page is giving credit to the other web page it is linking to, so they will feel that the other web page is of more value.
So when somebody, someday, make a search through the search engine, in the result the search engine will display, the web page that have the most of other page linking to it, will be displayed first, because the search engine will have concluded that since there are more web page linking to it, then the information it contain will be of high value.

When spammer notice this, they started using comment from other people website and forum to post links to their own website, deceiving search engine into thinking that it is actually the owners of those forums that are linking to the spammer website/page.
So the nofollow tag was introduced to prevent and keep at bay such manipulations.

The Main Point
Nofollow tag is invented to prevent and keep at bay spammer manipulation of search engine search result ranking.
And we recommend you to use it only when you are linking to an external website/page that is not your. If not, you will be passing undue search result ranking credit to that website/page.

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