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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Unofficial Pokémon GO app might contain Malware

Credit:  The Hackers News

Pokémon GO users spend more time engaging withe this gaming app than any other app, and social media apps are not exempted from the list of neglected app. This is because Pokémon GO is loved by it's users and they have reasons to. But one thing you should know is, Pokémon GO is a location-based augment reality game and is currently available in only a few countries. So because of the huge interest surrounding the app, many third-party gaming websites are recommending users to download the APK from a non-Google Play link. This means that for such users to install the APK, those users needs to modify their Android core security settings and allow their device's to install apps from "untrusted sources"

This is very detrimental to your security, because researchers have discovered that many of these APK's are malicious versions of Pokémon GO app that install a backdoor called Droidjack on victim's phones and enable hackers to compromise their device completely.

An example of this is the Pokemon Go Ultimate  which when installed renames itself at "PI Network" and deliberately locks the screen of the victims' devices immediately after being installed rending the devices unusable, until the user remove the device's battery or reboot the device via the Andriod Device Manager before the phone can be unlocked.
And even after unlocking the device, the app removes itself from the device's app menu and still continues to run in the background and silently clicks on porn advertisements inn an attempt to generate ad revenue for its creators.

The Worse: Researchers say that the malicious app is just one step away from being Ransomware.

The Main Point
Unofficial Pokémon GO app is dangerous to your security because they might contain malwares. So no matter what they may claim to offer, if they are from developers you know little or nothing off, we strongly recommend that you do not let the love of Pokémon GO to blur your sense of security.
As for the Pokemon Go Ultimate app mentioned earlier the only known way of stopping it's infestation is for you to uninstall PI Network manually through your device's application manager.
More to this is, we recommend that you always keep your Official Pokémon GO app up-to-date.


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