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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Ways To View Your AdSense Page-Level Ad Reporting

You may have noticed that the page-level ad reporting does now show up on the Performance Report tab by default. This does not mean that AdSense does not provide reporting for page-level ad that show up in your site/blog. So if you want to view the report of the page-level ad in your site, then follow the guide below.

  1. After you have login to your AdSense account, click the My Ads tab

  2. In the left navigation of the My Ads tab, Select content and click Page-level ads

  3.  Finally, click View Page-level ads report as show in the image below.
  1.  Visit the Performance reports tab after you have login to your AdSense account.

  2. Next, change the Report type to Ad behavior

  3. Then in the Filter click and and scroll down to Ad behavior and click

  4. Finally, Select Anchor/overlay ads and Vignette ad and click Apply
    If the Anchor/overlay and Vignette ad do not show in the option, then you will need to refresh the page
That is all.
Note that revenue from Page-level ad are added to your estimated earning instantaneously.

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