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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two Ways To Download Google Chrome Offline Installer For PCs

Google Chrome is a free browser from Google. Thus the are not against you reproducing it to share with friends or family. But whatever the reason you may have for wanting to download the offline installer of Google Chrome for your computer, the two trick below will help you so that you will be downloading it from the official chrome website.

First Trick
  • When you visit the official Chrome website which is you will notice that what you will be downloading from there is the online/web installer package which will be not more that 1MB. 

  • If this is the case, do not panic, just run the web installer that you download, but make sure that you have disconnected your computer/PC from the internet before you run the web installer.

  • After sometime when the web installer could not connect to the internet since you have already disconnected it, it will bring up a window similar the the one below.

  • When it does, reconnect your computer the the internet, and click the help button. When you click it, it will take you the Chrome's Help Installer Troubleshooter page.

  • Once there expand the option Use an offline Google Chrome installer for Windows and follow the instruction to download the offline installer for chrome.

Second Trick
This second trick is quite simple, we have copied out the offline download link provided in the Chrome's Help Installer Troubleshooter and paste it below. So all you need do is to any of the link below and you will be download page so that you can verify that you are actually download it from Chrome's official website or you click Download immediately if you do not wish to verify.
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