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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Three Ways To Make A Text Subscript In Microsoft Word2016

In Microsoft Word2016, there are at least, three (3) different ways that you can use to apply the subscript functionality to a text. Theses ways are explain below.

FIRST WAY: Using The Ribbon
  • Select the text you want to make Subscript

  • Select the Home tab from the tab section of the Ribbon

  • Finally, locate the Subscript icon in the Font command group box and click on it.

SECOND WAY: Using Font Dialog Box
  • Select the text you want to make Subscript

  • Next, open the font group dialog box by pressing Ctrl+D

  • In the Effect section in the Font tab of the Font dialog box, check the Subscript box.

  • Finally click OK to exit out and apply the changes.

THIRD WAY: Using Keyboard Shortcut
  • Select the text you want to make Subscript
  • Press Ctrl+= The = key in the keyboard is the last key before the Backspace key.

Those are the three ways we have in mind when we decided to publish this article which is about how to make a text subscript in Microsoft Word2016. If you have any other way, or tips you will like you share, please leave it in the comment box below.

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