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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

STARTAPP Is Giving $50 To Their Customers To Start Their Advertising Campaign With Them!!!

We were surprise when we saw the campaign banner of StartApp (a mobile ad network) that they are giving away to each and every of their customer the sum of $50 free, for those customers to use to start advertising with them.

This is great news, but many people will want to classify this as a scam. THIS IS NO SCAM. It is real. And here is the link to StartApp campaign banner landing page, where we got the information from.

But as a popular saying goes: "Nothing goes for Nothing" so StartApp requires something from you in return for this their offer. What they require is this.

After signing up with them, or if you are already using their service for your mobile advertising campaign, then just deposit $50 and they will give you $50 additional for your use in your advertising campaign. We understand that hearing it from us may sound like a scam that is why we are providing you with the following links:

This is not a sponsor preview.

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