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Monday, July 25, 2016

Some Things That Can't Be Done With SyncBackFree

As you may already have known, a free version of a software is very different from the trial version of that software. This is because the trial version gives you full access to all the feature of the software but only for a limited time frame, whereas, the free version gives you limited access to the software features but the time frame is not limited. Thus below are some features that you do not have access to when you are using SyncBackFree.

  • First and foremost, users of SyncBackFree are not entitled to Free Technical Support from the SyncBack developer team.
  • Those desiring to use SyncBackFree cannot use it on server version of Windows.
  • SyncBackFree users can only backup their files locally, and not to cloud.
  • When running a backup, SyncBackFree will not backup opened or locked files in your computer.
  • SyncBackFree users cannot perform incremental backups.
  • SyncBackFree will not backup files automatically when you make changes to them.
These are the most important limitation of SyncBackFree. But if you which to get the full limitations, the click here.
Otherwise, we recommend to read the article whose link is below:



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