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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some Limitations Of Using The Spark Plan Of Thunderclap You Should Know

True, Thunderclap is a very good platform you can use to get your campaign to reach a very considerable amount of audience in a day. For it delivers your message/campaign you want to spread to virtually all the follower and friends of those who support the message or campaign you create with Thunderclap.

But one thing about Thunderclap is that, it is not 100% free. There full services are paid for, and when you decide to use their free service (Spark plan), you will be missing out on some important things like:
  • You campaign will not get pushed out if it did not reach the stipulated supporters. And the fact is, the minimal supporters are predefined by them.
  • Your campaign approval notice will not be treated with urgency when you are using their free service, hence it may take up to 3days before they might even think of previewing your campaign
  • You cannot adjust your campaign message once it gets approved even before it blast date, but you can do that if you purchase any of their blast plan.
  • You will not be able to see the full list of those who support your campaign or message
  • You cannot adjust your supporters goals at any time once the campaign is submitted for review and once it get accepted 
And many other limitations.
But the fact still remains, if your campaign gets approve by Thunderclap and you were able to reach the minimum supporters you stipulate when creating the campaign or message, then, Thunderclap is a very good way of sharing message that will not get ignored.

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