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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Should I Consider Thunderclap For My Campaign?

It all depends on the purpose of the campaign, your working rate and also your budget. This is what we mean.

When you create a campaign with Thunderclap, a brief message -usually the one you setup when creating the campaign - will be posted in the social media feeds of the supporters to your campaign at the blast date. Thunderclap are not the once who will go out and get supporters for you, you are the one who will do that.

So to us, Thunderclap is like a simple way to help those who will like to share your message about your campaign on their social media without them (supporters) individually doing that. And since Thunderclap will not provide you with supporters, you will have to do your own campaign promotion yourself so that you can gather supporters to your campaign.
And another discouraging thing we see about it is that your campaign will be posted just once (the blast date and time). And also if you were not able to reach the minimum supporter before the blast date, the campaign message will not blast out (only applicable to spark campaign plans)

But the good news is that, if you are able to get the minimum supporter for your campaign, then your campaign will apparently become almost unignorable on social media, especially the social media which your campaign supporters belong to.

So you see, the decision whether you use Thunderclap for your campaign all depend your your working rate, your budget and also your campaign. Because campaign created with Thunderclap blast out only once, and then you hope that the campaign message get re-shared or re-tweet. 

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