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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Instant Checkmate Help Americans Discover Themselves Online

Credit: How Life Works

As an American, you probably be aware the many employers do background checks on someone they want to employ. So it is really important or necessary for you to know exactly what could pop-up when that search is done. It is true that you may not have anything to hide, but still, there can still be a damaging record about you. Consider this.

Someone might have made some disgruntled ex lies about you on social media that you might not be aware of, or someone may have used your identity fraudulently, that you may have not be aware of. Such type of information could ruin your future and career if you do not take proper action early enough.

Google searching yourself is good, but most times will not reveal everything about you that is online, that is why Instant Checkmate has become the leading background search site for many Americans. This is because it let users perform background checks on themselves, friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances, that the result it provide are compiled from millions of databases which includes:
  • Traffic and arrest records.
  • Criminal history, including DULs and sexual offenses.
  • Online dating profiles.
  • Financial history.
  • Credit and debt information, including foreclosures and tax liens.
  • properties owned and home value.
  • current and past known home addressess.
  • Birth, death and marriage records. etc.

You can also use it to get to know the person you have in mind to woo or the person who is asking you out for a date. What to learn more about Instant Chechmate? Then visit their website at

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