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Thursday, July 21, 2016

How To Remove Your Site From Free Basics

Once your website that your submitted to Free Basics have been approve, it will be added to the Free Basics platform and anyone using Free Basics services in the country of which you Localize your website to, then that person will be able to browse your website content for free. But if for any reason you no longer wish to continue making your website available through the Free Basics platform, then do the following to remove it.

  • Login into the onboarding Manage Site Submissions page using this link

  • Next in the Site tab, click Edit in the role of the site you want to remove.

  • Scroll down the the URLs, Countries & Language Support section in the next page that will appear after you have click edit.

  • Next, click Remove this URL which is next to your website URL

  • Finally, click Save & Submit  at the button of the page.
By going/doing all the steps outline above, you will be in effect telling Free Basics that you no longer wish to have your website on Free Basics, thus they will remove it Free Basics.

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