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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How To Recover A Deleted Blog Post In Blogger/Blogspot

One thing you should know about this trick is, if you delete a published post, then there really is not way you can restore that post with the original Permalink or the Original URL. Having said that, there are typically three way you can recover a deleted post in blogger/blogspot, and these way are as follows:

WAY ONE: If You Are Still On The Browser Tab You Use For Creating The Post.
If you still on the browser tab you use to create the deleted post you want to recover, then all you need do is click on the Back button of the browser until you get to the point where you were creating/auditing the post.
Note: If you have already published the post before it got deleted, when you get back to the point where you were creating/auditing the post, you will see a bX-isszix error box alert, similar to the one in the image below. Once at this point do the following:
  1. Close the bX-isszix error box
  2. Switch the post editor box from Compose to HTML
  3. Select and copy all the content of the post editor box
  4. Open a new browser tab and go to your blog dashboard
  5. In your blog dashboard, click on Create New Post to open a new blank post editor.
  6. Switch the new blank post editor from Compose to HTML and paste what you copied. You should also copy and paste the Post title, Search Description or any other content as you may dim fit before you hit the Publish button.
WAY TWO: If You Are Still Using The Same Computer You Use To Create/Edit The Post
If you are still using the you use to create or edit a deleted post you want to recover, then just open the browser you use for creating/editing the post and open the Browser's History Panel then try and locate the link that is pointing to the page you use to create or edit the post. once you have locate it, open it and follow the steps outlined in WAY ONE to recover the post.

WAY THREE: If You Have The Post ID Number
If you have the post ID number of the deleted post you want to recover then your recovery process will be quite simple. This is because all you will need to do now is to,
  • Open a new blank post editor
  • Type any thin in the Post title section so that a post Id will be assigned to it
  • In the address bar of change the current Post ID number to the number of the deleted post you want to restore and click the enter button to reload the post editor.
  • Once reloaded, the post editor will be loaded with with content of the deleted post. Now you can follow the steps outline in WAY ONE above.
One good thing about this method is that, you can use it on any computer.

Note: you will not need to go through the steps outlined in WAY ONE if the deleted post you are trying to recover has not been published before it was deleted.

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