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Monday, July 11, 2016

How To Move A Tab To New Window In Mozilla FireFox For PC

Mozila Firefox as you may already have know is a very nice many people use and trust when it come to browsing in computer. Among the many thing that make people to fall in love with Firefox is because almost anything in the Firefox browser can be customize. This hack/tip below will explain to you how you can move a tab you open in new window in Firefox.

 The process is quite simple. All you need do is: 
  • Select the tab you want to move to a new window
  • Then right-click of the tab and select Move to New Window in the menu that appear, as show in the image below.
 This hack is not the same as, opening a new Firefox window, then copy and paste the URL of a tab to the other window. No, it is different.
Because with this hack/tip the page will not be reloaded, thereby saving you data charge, more also the browsing the history for that tab will also be moved to the new window.

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This hack/tip was discovered in Mozilla Firefox version 47.0.1 for Windows PC
Team Pinfoltd


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  1. with lots of add ons support for firefox, mozilla firefox is one of my favorite browsers application


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