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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Make A Text Subscript or Superscript In Your Blogspot Post

Implement Subscript and Superscript are essential especially when writing a post that include a date in the post or, if you just want to put the TM to a business name so as to make your readers know that the name has been registered lawfully. Well, regardless of the reason you have for wanting to insert a subscript or superscript, this fact still remain, there is no button in Blogger's post editor which if your click on it will automatically insert a subscript or superscript as you desire. But this does not mean that this feature cannot be implement. Here is what you can do to implement it.

Adding Subscript 
In order to make a text subscript, all you need do is to add this pair of  HTML tag around the text. <sub> The text you want to make subscript should be written between this tag</sub>

Adding Superscript
In order to make a text superscript, all you need do is add this pair of HTML tag around the text. <sup> the text you want to make superscript should be written between this tag</sup>

Before you add the <sub> </sub>, or <sup> </sup>, tag around the text you want to make subscript or superscript, you will need to switch the Blogger's post editor view from Compose to HTML.
This is because, to make and HTML tag functional, tag have to be written in the HTML view of the Post Editor, and not in the Compose view.

Do not bother to much about space, that fact is, no matter the amount of space you put in the HTML view, when you switch to the Compose view, it will be consider as one space.

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