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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Easily Calculate The Percentage Of Any Number

If the formula of calculating percentage is not very handy to you, you can use this method instead to calculate it, and you will get the answer correct. The method is.

  • Divide but the percentage and the number you are seeking the percentage of by 10
  • Multiply the result together.
If you really do not understand this method, then consider this example.
Example: What is the 20th percentage of 400.
  •   20  ÷ 10 = 2
  • 400  ÷ 10 = 40 
  •     2  x  40 = 80
  • the 20th percentage of 400 is 80.
Are we wrong or correct? If you think we are wrong then multiply 80 by 5, since the 20th percentage of 400 can also be referred to as the 1/5 of 400.

You see, this method is very simply and recommended when you are solving the Objective section of your exam scripts.

Or What do you think about this method?

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