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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Geraint_A Translator Explain How His Translation Team Carryout There Work.

Geraint a member of one of the translation team of the magazine that ranked second magazine, namely Awake!, Which is based in Britain explains how translators typically carryout their work. Here is what he says.

"Before translation can begin," he explains, we "must thoroughly comprehend the original material as well as the target language."

Since "I work win a team of translators," he went further to explain "good cooperation is the key. Together we explore solutions to tough translation problems. As" they do, they "consider not just words but group of words."

And also "we weigh the real meaning and intent, constantly reminding ourselves of the target audience for each article."

The Main Point
Being a good translator is not just about converting a word from one language to another, it is about the people who will read it. Remember, not two language grammar construction are the same.

So instead of converting words, try to translate meaning and intent.

The explanation of Geraint is gotten from the article Breaking the Language Barrier A Look Behind the Scenes.
Read up his full his full explanation be clicking the link above.

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