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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fool Again By Westlife | An Appropriate Song For Weddings?

Sometimes people play or instructions their DJ's to play songs which most times are not appropriate for a wedding. Consider this example, one of Westlife's song titled "Fool Again" being played in a weddings ceremony/reception. Is this song appropriate for a wedding?  

Examine this verse from the song's lyrics: " Baby I know the story I've seen the picture It's written all over your face. Tell me, what's the secret, That you've been hiding, And who's gonna take my place? I should've seen it comin' I should've read the signs, Anyway, I guess it's over. Can't believe that I'm the fool again, I thought this love would never end, How was I to know, You never told me ."

Do you see the point we are driving at there? If you don’t, this is it. Tell us, will it be wise or appropriate to play a song that is all about relationship disappointment in a wedding ceremony/reception? It does not sound palatable to us. What about you?

The Main Point
We feel that the song "Fool again" by Westlife is not always song to be played at a wedding reception because we feel that the lyrics of the song is not palatable with the concept of a wedding.
Please tell us what you feel by leaving your own opinion in the comment box below.

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