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Monday, July 18, 2016

Easy Way Of Multiplying Units And Tens By 11

The explanation below gives an easy to multiplying Tens or Units with 11 (eleven). Let us start up with multiplying Units with 11.

Multiplying Units With 11.
Put simply, when you are to multiply units by 11, what you will do to easily get the answer is to duplicate what you are multiplying. Example.

1x11 = (duplicate 1) 11
2x11 = (duplicate 2) 22
3x11 = (duplicate 3) 33
4x11 = (duplicate 4) 44
and so on..

Multiplying Tens With/By 11
To easily get the answer when you are asked to multiply a number which is tens by 11 is to add up the two individual numbers you are to multiply and put the answer/result in-between them. Example.

15x11 = (1+5 which is 6 placed in-between 1&5) 165
32x11 = (3+2 which is 5 placed in-between 3&2) 352
50x11 = (5+0 which is 5 placed in-between 5&0) 550

But in the case whereby the addition of the two figures resulted in 10 or above, then the first from the result will be added to the first of the multiplier. Example.
57x11 = (5+6 is 12. 1 will be added to 5 to make 6, so the answer will now be) 627
77x11 = (7+7 is 14. 1 will be added to 7 to make 8, so the answer will now be) 847
99x11 = (9+9 is 18. 1 will be added to 9 to make 10, so the answer will now be) 1089.

What do you think about this?

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