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Monday, July 4, 2016

Do Not Be A Social Media Spammer | An Advice To Business And Social Marketers

There is a reason why the social media success rate of Celebrities are always more when compared to that of business and Social marketers. Do you know why? It is because Celebrities are not social media spammers.

A social media spammer is someone who always provide what might not be easily connected to sociality. There is a reason why it is called “Social Media” and because of this reason, social media users expect those to whom (both friends and business) they interact with to be social. So when you become all to business type, you run the risk of your social content/share to be considered as spams/junks.

Remembers, humans are social being. We are only serious when we die. So if has a business or social media marketer, you become all to focus on product/business promotions, then your success rate will drop.

Consider this, let us suppose you are invited to a social gathering, possibly a wedding or sun-bathing in a beach, when you get there, instead of join others to catch fun, you start to talk about business, what will happen? You’ll probably get kicked out, not necessarily from the social gathering venue but from but from the audience.

The Main Point
Social media is a great place for business and marketers to be. But always remember this, Social media platform is not an office, but an online social gathering venue. So do not be a social media spammer by always posting about nonsocial related things. If you do, then your success rate is sure to drop.

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