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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Different Type Of Ad Unit Which StartApp Offer

Post Credit: StartApp

As you may have already know, StartApp is an advertising network that as of now, solely specialize in mobile advertising. That is, they offer/display the ads from their advertisers on the publishers/partners mobile applications. Below are some of the different ad unit they offer to their advertisers:

Interstitial Ads

The interstitial allows you to own the screen. Our beautiful animated ads are designed to engage and deliver industry leading CTRs.

3D AppWall

This dynamic, animated ad unit moves in beautiful 3D motion that grabs the user's attention and yields amazing performance.


The overlay ad presents your app in a unique and dynamic way, increasing engagement and click through rates. The overlay appears when the app is first loaded. The ad's design is displayed over the app, while the app is still visible in the background.

Native Ads

The native ad, a highly engaging and effective ad unit, is perfectly embedded within the host app.


The banner can be either a static banner or a smart banner. The static banner remains in the same location and size while the smart banner automatically adjusts to fit the screen, so it is suitable for mobile devices of all sizes.

NOTIC!!! StartApp are currently running a campaign which they are giving to their advetisers $50 incentive for using their service. This article of ours: STARTAPP Is Giving $50 To Their Customers To Start Their Advertising Campaign With Them!!! explain more.

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