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Friday, July 22, 2016

D3DCOMPILER_33.DLL Is Missing In Your Computer? Fix It Now

If a program in your computer in your computer refuses to start because D3DCOMPILER_33.DLL is missing, then it means that the program requires an old version of Direct X (version 9) in order to run. To resolve this, you do not need to go look for the version 9 of DirectX to download and install because if you do, during installation you will be told that your computer already has a later/newer version of DirectX. Instead what you need is to download and install DirectX End-User Runtime.

You can download DirectX End-User Runtime in the Microsoft download center through the link below.

If you download the web installer, then you do not read further because all you need do is to run the installer and the missing D3DCOMPILER_33.DLL will be installed in your computer, but it will require good internet connection all through the installation process. Hence we recommend that you download the offline Installer instead. If the offline installer is what you download, then read this article How To Install DirectX End-User Runtime Offline Installer To Fix Missing .DLL

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1 comment:

  1. I faced this error recently, thank you for the solution.
    Until then, without delay, I already managed to solve the problem once, that was xinput1_3.dll, so I had downloaded it and use. And if in the future there is such a mistake
    I already know exactly
    what I should do instead of panicking in vain)


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