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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Reason Why Facebook Might Remove A Video You Upload

Facebook wants you to share your experience with friends and family and any you can, and that is why they did not play a restriction on which of their users can upload videos. Everyone who wishes to share a video to their Facebook profile can.

But this does not mean that Facebook has no policy in place guiding the type of video users can upload. And it is because of this reason, many or some people have noticed that a videos of their have been removed by Facebook. Why will Facebook do that?

Only explanation Facebook has provided as a reason why they may remove a video their users upload is if the video “appears to contain copyrighted material owned by a third party.”

Note: this is if Facebook thinks that your video contains “copyrighted material,” but if you are certain that your videos contains no copyrighted material, then you can “file a counter notice” by following the link that appear in the mail sent to you by Facebook notifying you of the video removal.

And you should always keep in mind that if you do not file that “counter notice” for a video Facebook as removed, and you re-upload it again, Facebook policy has it that you can/may be “blocked from uploading videos” to Facebook.

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