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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Your Online Account Can Me Hacked If Your Mobile Number Is Linked To Them

Truthfully, we do not fully understand how the process works, but we get the information from a reliable source and that is why we feel it will not be nice on our part not to let you, our beloved readers, to know about it.

We are made to understand that that there is a new technology called Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) which global telecom network are using to transmit their services such as international calls, roaming and the likes. But this network (SS7) has a problem, the issue is that the SS7 network trust anyone who have access to it.

This implies that hackers can easily trick/convince SS7 to divert a text message from its original destination to their own devices. This mean that hackers can easily hijack your online account since all they will be needing is the phone number you linked to the account.

This is how they will do it. The hacker will go the online account official website and request a password reset for the account with your phone number, then the hacker will trick SS7 to send them the verification code from the website to their device instead of yours, and with that the hacker can reset your password and gain access.

So it is highly recommended that you should sign into all your online account as quickly as possible and deactivate or remove your phone number has a password recovery option. Instead rely solely on e-mail as your recovery option.

There is a video on how this is done that we will upload very soon.


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