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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What You Should Always Do If You Want Your Facebook Post To Get Seen By More/Many People

When posting in Facebook, and you want has many people has possible to see the post, then always change the post audience privacy to public. This is the reason.

Facebook is a social network prioritize the privacy of their users. That is why they have placed a restriction on post visibility, which you may not be aware of. The restriction is this, if you post a status, photo or video on Facebook, and in the post audience privacy, you specify that only your friend should see it, then Facebook will carefully make sure nobody who is not you friend will see that post.

This means that, if any of your friends decide to share that post, then none of their friends who is not you friend will be able to see the post they have shared. But if you had used Public, as the post audience privacy, then Facebook will display to post to all the friends of the person who shared the post. More also, if your friend comment on that your post you share to the public, and your friend has a friend whose friend is also a friend to you, then Facebook will also notify that friend of your friend that his/her friend commented on this post of yours.

The Main Point
Setting the Post Audience Privacy of your post to Public will ensure that your post will get the maximum audience, if you place a restriction on the post visibility when you are posting it, then Facebook will carefully make sure no one who is not within the restriction you place will see the post, not even if the post have a re-share.

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