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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What Might Cause Microsoft Word 2010 Not To AutoSave and AutoRecover Saved or Unsaved Documents.

If your Microsoft Word2010 program does not autosave your documents anymore, then there are possibly four factors that might cause it. These are;

  1. The AutoSave feature has been or is turned off/disabled.

  2. You have not set or have disabled Microsoft Word2010 ability to keep the AutoSave file of your document when you exist the program (intentionally or unintentionally) without saving.

  3. It can also be that the folder which is specified to Microsoft Word2010 where it should keep the AutoSave file of your document is or has been change to read-only, or has been deleted.

  4. It can also be that, the time interval that you specified for Word2010 to perform the AutoSave has not yet completed before existing.

Those are the four possible causes why Microsoft Word2010 no longer perform AutoSave and AutoRecovery function that we can think of now.

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