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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What Is SUPPORT INBOX In Facebook

Put simply, the Support Inbox is the instrument authentic members of Facebook use to get in touch with you. In other words. If Facebook wants to contact you, they will send you a message in your Support Inbox, and not a chat message. So anyone who sends you a chat message in Facebook but claims to be a representative of Facebook is lying.

An article in the Facebook help center puts it this way: “In your Support Inbox you can get updates about things you've reported, reply to messages from the Help Team and receive important information about your account.

The Main Point
The Support Inbox in Facebook serves as an instrument which will enable you to easily know when really a representative of Facebook is contacting you.

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1 comment:

  1. Hello.
    I post from a friends page.
    MY account is "temporarily blocked",
    but THIS "temporarily " lasts almost 5 month till today.
    All my activities there are unable to post.
    Since months I´ve sent almost 20 messages to the help centre
    & via E-mail,but nothing happened.
    In the meantime I get the feeling:
    FB is a "Ghost-Company".
    But NOTT with real humans.
    Or may it be possible, that my account is hacked by someone...???
    PLEEEASE help me, to get my account back
    & all of my beloved friends there.
    Uwe Ruegenhagen


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