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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What Happen To A Pilot

A pilot was told to transfer some mad people from Nigeria to USA. He agreed and took them in his plane. While in the plane, everywhere was so noisy because the mad people will not keep quiet. Not to long one of the mad person approached the pilot and stubbornly persuading the pilot to teach him how to drive the aeroplane.

The pilot who have tried all he could to forcefully get him back to the passenger lodge but with no avail, taught for a moment and replied, “I will teach you how to drive if you will tell your friends to stop making noise” (think the mad person cannot can't do it).

The mad man went in and after some minutes, everywhere was silent as if an angel entered the plane. Then the mad man comes back and tell the pilot that everywhere is cool now so they should go ahead with the lesson. The pilot became happy that at least there was calm, and so he ask the mad person: 'what did you do to them that made them to keep calm?' The mad man replied, i opened the door for them to go and play outside.  The pilot fainted.

Note: This is a joke and not a real event.
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