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Thursday, June 2, 2016

What Can Be Done Using The Start Menu Of Windows 7 OS

As you may already know, the Start menu of Windows 7 is like a gateway to all the programs installed in your computer, the folders and the settings of your computer. There at least sever (7) thing you can do using the Start Menu of Windows 7 and they are as follows:

  1. Start/Launch Programs: No matter how many programs that is install, as long as you install the program into your computer hard drive, either Local Disk (C:) or Local Disk (D:), you can access/start/launch those programs from the Start Menu.

  2. Open Folders and Recent Program Files: Any folder located in your computer or external storage device attached to your computer can be access from the Start Menu. More to that, the Start Menu allows you to have access to your most recent file of a program without navigating to where you save the file.

  3. Search Functionality: Apart from access the most recent file of a program, the Start Menu also give you the option to search for any file, folders, and programs that is in your computer. So if you have a file and you do not know where you save it, just use the Search functionality of the Start Menu of Windows 7 and you will get it.

  4. Computer Setting: Do you want to change the background image/color of your desktop, want to activate Magnifier, want to use Windows backup service, want to use Windows Defender, any setting you can think of that you want to apply to Windows, the gateway/starting point is from the Start Menu.
  5. Assistance With Windows: Need an assistance with any Windows function, or programs? You can get the required offline assistance from the Start Menu.

  6. Turning Off The Computer: Back in computer college, we were told that it is wrong to turn off a computer by long pressing the power button, were you told so too? The Start Menu has the safe way of turning off a computer.

  7. Log Off From Windows or Switch To A Different User Account: If there are more than one OS installed in your computer, you can use the Start Menu leave Windows to the other Operating System (OS) without doing a system restart. More also, you can also use the Start Menu to switch to a different user account in Windows without doing a restart.

These are just few things you can do with the Start Menu of Windows 7 Operating System (OS). Though simple in design, the Start Menu is really important, so treat it with care.

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