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Thursday, June 2, 2016

What Am I Really Doing When I Add Someone As An ADMIN To My Facebook Group

There are different roles you can assign to member of the Facebook Group you created. Among those role is ‘Admin’. When you make a or add a member of your Facebook Group as an Admin to the Group, you are actually saying that the person/individual can do the following with regard to your Group:

  1. The person can view the support inbox of the Group.

  2. You are giving the person the go ahead and Pin or Unpin a post in the Group

  3. If you have member post preview activated for the Group, the person you make or add as an Admin can Approve or Deny the post made by the Group members.

  4. The person can also remove or add another member of the Group to the list of Admin or Moderator of the Group

  5. The person has the ability to also manage the settings of the Group. In that, the person can change the Group name, cover photo or privacy settings of the group

  6. The person will also have the ability to Approve or Deny the membership requests people who want to be part of the group makes

  7. And finally, you are giving the person the right to Remove and Block people/members from the Group you own in Facebook.

The Main Point
All that are the things you are really doing when you add someone as an Admin to your Facebook Group. So before you go ahead and make someone an Admin to the Facebook Group you own, you should please rethink and consider the reputation of person.

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