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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Use Your Keyboard To Access Function From System Tray In Windows10

Has shown in the image above, the System Tray is the right section of the Windows10 tasksbar which holds the clock, notifier icon, the volume icon and much more. Typically, we use the mouse when we want to carry out any function with the icons in the System Tray, but this article will show you how to use the keyboard instead.

Before you can use the keyboard to do this, you have to tell Windows that you want to perform a function from the System Tray.
You do this by pressing down the Windows button in the keyboard and the press B (Windows button + B). Once done, Windows will move the selector/highlighter to the System Tray.
Then use the arrow buttons to move the highlighter/selector to the icon you want to work with and then press the enter button to choose.

For example: Let us suppose you want to check the battery percent of your computer. What you need do is, press the Windows button + B, then move the selector to the battery icon and press enter. And the box showing the battery percentage and estimated time of consumption will be displayed.

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