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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Three Things Every Woman Should Move Around With

Whether you are single or married, teenager or young adult, college student or professional woman – it is important to protect yourself and the people you love. Having the right tools allows you to do that.

While it is best advice to avoid any situation that may/will make you more vulnerable to sexual predators/harassment, you will agree that sometimes, you cannot help but find yourself in such a situation, like walking through a parking lot alone that is not to bright. In such situations, always remember to go with this tools:

    Keys to Clutch between Your Knuckles: Though we are not encouraging you to fight, but giving the predator/harasser a really good punch with such an equipment might/will allow/buy you time to turn out of the danger zone. And the good this is, because it is portable, the harasser might not know you are with one.
    Pepper Spray: Though typically used be police to control mob, it can still serve as a self-defense equipment for ladies. Spraying it directly to the harasser’s eyes might/will not blind the individual, but it will give you opportunity to run to safety.


    Keychain Alarm: This is a portable alarm system that can be attached or used a key holder. True, the alarm is small in size, but it is far louder than the human voice. Especially that of a frightened confused lady. When this is used, it calls people’s attention who are close by to your spot

The Main Point
Your safety as a woman is important, while the best advice is for you to avoid situation that will make you unsafe, having those tool outlined above handy is not much of a bad ideal, this is because they are essential tool that can give and you some peace of mind.

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