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Friday, June 10, 2016

The DIRECT LINK Monetization Option Of AdCash

The Direct Link monetization option of is a way in which they are giving their publisher who do not have a website an opportunity to make cash/money from any online medium that is available to the publisher disposal.

As you may have already known, making money online means having either a blog, website or a Youtube Channel. This is because online money making platform will always require that you paste a piece of code to an area of a web page and this can only be done if you access to the HTML file(s) of the webpage.

But with Direct Link online monetization option from Adcash, you do not need that. Just share a link they give you, (any means you can think of is accepted, be it through chat message with friends, Facebook status updates, etc) and once a user click on it you are getting income that way. 

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