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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Software UPDATE and UPGRADE | Are They The Same?

Most times software developers use this Two words (Updates and Upgrade) interchangeably. But the fact though is this, those words are are really not to be taken as the same, here is why.

An Update to a software refers to an improvement on the current version of that software while and Upgrade to the software means that there now exist a newer version of that software. Here is an example to clear you in that.

Let us take the most popular word processing software (Microsoft Office Word also known MS Word or Word in short) as the software in this example.We all know that there have been different versions of the Microsoft Office Word software which include Word2007, Word2010, Word2013, and the latest one Word2016.

When Microsoft announces that there is now an upgrade to Word2013, what they have in mind is that Microsoft is announcing that there is now a new version of their program Word2013, so when you are downloading the upgrade, you should be expecting to see a newer version of Word. But if they were announce that there is an update to Word2013 it mean that they have made some improvement(s) to Word2013 so when you are downloading the Update you should not be expecting to see a new version of Word, rather what you should be expecting is to see the improvement made to the current version of Word (Word2013) you have in your PC already.

The Main Point
An update to a Software refers to an improvement made on the current version of the software you have in your computer while an Upgrade to a software means that there is now a newer version to the software.

Also we can say: 
Update: is a Newer One at same version of the software, and that it fix some issues of that same version. While
Upgrade: is a Higher Level version, fix some issues and add features at higher version.

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