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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Small Blue Triangle On An Ad Does Not Mean It Is Google Ad (AdSense)

Many adverts (Ad) on the internet have a small blue triangle which resemble the image above on one corner of the ad. When the vast majority of internet users see an ad with that icon, then they quickly conclude that the ad is from Google/AdSense. We once conclude alike, but the reality is the opposite.

You see, the Small blue triangle icon that appears on an ad shows that advert (ad) is from an adverting network that is in partnership Digital Advertising Alliance popularly referred to as AdChoices. AdSense/Google is one most prominent partner of AdChoices, this does not mean that it is Google/AdSense that owns AdChoices.

Also, Google Advertising Network (AdSense) is not the only Ad network authorized to use the logo on their ads, many other ads network like Facebook, Yahoo, AoL and others who are in partnership with Digital Advertising Alliance also make use of the AdChoices logo on their ads.

The Main Point
The AdChoices logo (small blue triangle) that is on one corner of Ads on the internet is not owned by Google/AdSense, it is owned by a partner of Google (Digital Advertising Alliance). So do not be quick to concluding that an ad in the internet is from Google Adverting Network just because you see the AdChoices Logo on the ad.

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