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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is DirectX 11.1 The Last Version Of DirectX For Windows OS Users

Far from it. DirectX version 11.1 is not, and will not be the last version of DirectX for Windows OS users. There are newer version of DirectX. In fact, as of the time this article is being published, there have been several newer version of DirectX and they include, version 11.2, 11.3, 12.0. So DirectX version 11.1 is not the last version of DirectX available to Windows OS users. But the fact is.

DirectX version 11.1 will or is probably the last version of DirectX that has a stand-alone installer package. This means that if you go to download portals in search for those new version of DirectX, you will probably not find them. And also many of these new version of DirectX are design to work with a specific version of the Windows OS.

What we are saying is that, Windows7 users will not be able to use DirectX version 11.2, but Windows8 users can. So if you are seriously looking for an update to DirectX, then you should be seriously considering and upgrade to a newer version of the Windows operating system.

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