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Monday, June 27, 2016

How To Unpin A Post From A Facebook Group Using The Facebook Android App

First and foremost, what you should know is that it is only a Facebook Group Admin or Moderator can unpin a post from the Feed of a Facebook group. So if you are and Amin or a Moderator seeking for a way to unpin a post from your Facebook Group Feeds, then read on because this article design to help you achieve this using the Facebook Android app.

The steps you need to take if you want to unpin a post from a Facebook Group are:

  1. Visit the Group page/feed you Admin or moderate.
  2. Pinned post are always the first post. But if you are unsure, then tap on View Pinned Post

  3. Next, tap on the arrow which face downward at the top-right corner and tap on Unpin Post in the menu that appears.
    If Unpin Post option does not first appear in the menu, then swap the menu upward to reveal all the menu’s option. Unpin post will be there.

That is all. Once you tap Unpin Post, the post will be unpinned, thereby giving you room to pin another post since by Facebook policy, only one post can be pinned.

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  1. Yeah, there is no arrow. Tapping the top right brings up comments.


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